First time. Fingers Crossed.

This is my very first post as a blogger. Actually, I am not sure if I can even call myself a blogger yet, but it works for now. So far, I have noticed that it is an overwhelmingly terrifying feeling to take the first step towards making a blog. Therefore, this first post is going to be a bit shaky. Please, bare with me, this will improve, and I feel confident that, one day, this will be a blog people enjoy reading (here’s hoping).
To begin with, I will be posting a few pictures that I have taken with my iPhone 5. They are the unskilled beginnings I am proud to share. Most of the pictures will have been edited with the VSCOcam app. So, this will work, for the time being, like an instagram with more details. However, I have ordered a Nikon d5200 that should be here sometime this week. That means that, after the flood of iPhone pictures, there should be some moderately terrible ones taken with a more professional medium.
I’m very excited to begin this journey. Because I am fairly new to this, research will be key to growing my skills. Anything I use I will post in hopes that others can benefit from my search. I am also open to any advice. My main goal is to construct a chronicling of my growth. Because, no matter how bad I am now, at least I can’t get worse.
Thank you 🙂


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