“F” is for Friends that do stuff together.

Ninja picture of Chris

Ninja picture of Chris

During the past few weeks, while I have been messing with my camera, the people around me have fallen victim to my new, paparazzi-like state. The byproduct of their patients, and monumental exercise in self-control not to throw my camera and I into the lake, is a few pictures of the people I care about most.

Chris and Kity

Chris and Kitty

Before this, I took pictures of what they were doing. Whether it is something random, or things I find hilarious (even if they don’t feel like it is very funny, sorry guys). But, recently, I have started to really appreciate the value in portraits. It is hard to take a picture and capture the essence of a person. It is especially hard to capture that and make strangers care as much as you do.



So, in addition to practicing landscapes and other random bits, I want to focus on photographically representing the people around me. I would like to be able to capture less of what they are doing, and more of who they are. This is probably the goal of every portrait photographer, ever. But, if my friends have to put up with me snapping away, the least I can do is take the kind of pictures that will make you guys love them as much as I do.



Plus, it helps when they’re all gorgeous.



And for F.U.N, my first, and hopefully last, selfie with my new camera. Also, this will be the last time I refer to my camera as “new.” I think it and I have become well acquainted by now.

Me before our “White Trash” party. I wish I was this cool all the time.


19 thoughts on ““F” is for Friends that do stuff together.

    • Oh, ok. I wasn’t sure at first. The reason I took so long to respond was that the link you shared in your first comment was dead. But, That’s fine with my if you would like to use that photo. As long as you credit me. Thank you πŸ™‚


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