Getting Lucky on a Secluded Beach


You know that one place you drive by everyday on the way to work? The one that you’re too busy to actually stop at so you keep telling yourself “one day?” Maybe I’m alone in this unfulfilled desire. But, this little patch of trees and sand on the side of the road has been haunting me for sometime now. Each morning as I fly by, generally doing the speed limit, I can see clearings in the trees every once in a while. Small patches with beautiful water sparkling through. I have always wanted to stop, but I was terrified of just pulling off randomly on the side of the road. However, the other day, after my Meet Up outing, I was feeling extra adventurous. So, I finally pulled off, parked my car, and ventured out through the trees.


I was absolutely floored by what I found. If I had the skill, dedication, and general “this is something I  like doing” attitude of a someone who fishes, I probably wouldn’t have been so surprised. But, I was completely unprepared for the wide open view.


Not to mentioned that I scored the jackpot on one of the prettiest sunsets I have seen in a while.


The opening had a perfect view of Tampa all the way across the bay. I was ecstatic, and covered in mosquitos. So, after sprinting back to my car, ruining my tennis shoes in the waterlogged sand, and drowning myself in bug spray. I pulled myself together and set up my tripod for the very first time!


My first attempt at astrophotography. I think I’m ready to go pro, guys.

The sun was setting fast, and I was overly excited to try some long exposure shots.


For being as beautiful as it was I was surprised that my only company was a few curious birds and ten billion baby crabs.


I played around forever. I couldn’t believe how lovely it was.


This shot was my favorite. It looked like a cloud city hanging above Tampa.

As the light faded, the more beautiful it became. It is amazing that this little beach is situated right off of I-275. The most massively chaotic, apocalyptic war-zone, of a highway. The overkill of adjectives was only to demonstrate how joy-sucking my commute can be. But, this peaceful safe haven is only a few feet from the stretch of damnation. The contrast is overwhelming.


There were so many other lovely little things in the area to explore, but the colors of the sky completely stole all of my attention.


In fear of sounding cliche, I should stop narrating this adventure. I was completely awestruck by the beauty the world has to offer, and I may begin to gush more than necessary. If I haven’t already. 😉


Long exposure fun.


I can’t wait to come back to this spot a little better prepared. Industrial-size bug spray is going to be my best friend. But, my Hunter boots are what I’m really excited about. My poor tennis shoes weren’t ready for the soggy ground. This limited any ability to venture too far. I think some wellies up to my knees will do just the trick next time. 🙂



57 thoughts on “Getting Lucky on a Secluded Beach

  1. Those are some gorgeous shots. Hurry and print one gallery wrapped canvas or a metallic print. So beautiful 🙂 and congratulations to being adventurous. The more you do it, the easier it will get.

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      • I don’t know, I think your favorite one is especially beautiful. I guess you could think of it as a first paycheck. Plus it isn’t as expensive as you think, even just an 8×10 . I have done it with a few of mine. The metallic print for those sunsets brings out the colors so beautifully. I think the company I used before was mpix but there are so many others. 🙂 Just an idea.. But really enjoying your photos and blog. 😉

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  2. palpablepassion says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I can only imagine how amazing it looked in person. You’re so lucky to have had seen this! If you don’t mind my asking, I’m kind of new to the whole photography thing. What do you mean by exposure shots and how did you do them? Your pictures are gorgeous ! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I say long exposure I’m referring to the length of time I set my shutter speed to. Some of the darker shots were set to five seconds or more. The longer the shutter is open, the longer it has to collect light. That’s why I had to use a tripod so the pictures wouldn’t be insanely blurry. This was my first attempt at it so I’m sorry if I didn’t explain it well. Lol

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  3. mikéla davelyn says:

    What a lovely place! It looks as though you stumbled upon a little patch of heaven! I absolutely love the photos you took and think you should definitely try selling some prints! They would look positively wonderful in a gallery. And I’m not just saying that – you SHOULD 😉 Btw, what camera do you use? I myself love photography. For months now, I have been surviving with just my iPhone, though, because my camera broke. So, I’m open to suggestions for what I should get next 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I was going to start looking into prints. I’m still not sure but thank you for the encouraging words. 🙂

      But, the camera I chose was a nikon d5200. It’s a good starter for me. And opting for the 5200 instead of the 5300 was a better price option for me as well. 🙂 Good luck with the buying process!

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