WPC: Feet in the Sand, Head in the Clouds.


This is an older photo from earlier this summer. Actually, I already posted this photo in my Anna Maria set. However, I really love this photo, and it fit the theme so I figured I’d share it again.

I love it for the colors, of course. If you haven’t been able to tell, I have a thing for color 😉

More than the color, I’m obsessed with the circumstances under which the photo was taken. I wanted to capture this moment as a peaceful, photographical representation of the world’s beauty. But, the entire time I was shooting, my boyfriend was comically digging his feet into the sand, doing something that resembled The Twist (if it were done to Dub Step), all while singing some song that had me giggling.
Basically, ridiculousness. 🙂

So, I love that this photo can look so serene, but also instantly recall silly memories. It’s a reminder that although I take pictures to share with you guys, it’s still extremely rewarding for me to have little digital memories.

More silhouette memories here.


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