I am Ashley.

An idealistic, twenty-something year old that believes in truth, beauty, freedom and, above all else, love. I drown this disposition in dry humor, and face the world dipped in sarcasm. I want to create, feel special, give back, and take as much as I can from the world around me. I’m selfish and humble. Confident and insecure. I take pleasure in thinking I’m unique, and inspired knowing that I’m not. I started this blog to share what I find beautiful, and my journey on learning how to capture that beauty. I’m not sure where this will end. Each day I feel like I’m finding myself more through my adventures and setbacks. Here’s hoping someone cares and not caring if someone doesn’t. This is for me, this is for the world.


6 thoughts on “Me

  1. matt says:

    Thanks for the like; I appreciate the feedback. For what it’s worth, sarcasm and dry wit make for excellent methods by which to determine who to hang out with.


  2. I’m glad that you enjoyed the Roosevelt post, and I hope that you stick with photography- your motivation and eye are great! Photography can be a good way to make sense of a world that seems, at times, to make very little sense at all. If you are looking to learn more about photography (as opposed to the technique of photographing) I recommend Sontag’s ‘On Photography’ and Barthes’ ‘Camera Lucida’. Both books were eye-openers for me when I read them when I started my relationship with photography. Enjoy your leaning process, it is a great place to be!


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