WPC: Fray on the Beach

When you think of Florida beaches, “white sand” comes to mind. The touristy places are pristinely kept for all the lovely family vacations. In the less traveled areas, however, this is more likely what you’ll find. 


Low tide brings muck and grime. It is frayed and more beautiful, to me, than the white sand perfection that most people have come to associate with Florida. It almost feels like Fall in a place where the leaves never change. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the beautiful beaches, and how they epitomize summer. But, this little beach, off the beaten path, feels like when you get warm enjoyment out of a gloomy, rainy day. 


Flailing Adventures in Macro



I went for another adventure in the apartment complex. I am really focusing on trying to work with familiar settings in different times to take advantage of new lighting. It has been really interesting walking around and looking at things from a new perspective. I’m beginning to realize I need to plan my photos beforehand. But, right now, it works just trying to shoot the same things, while playing with different settings. However, I will plan to bring bug spray next time. I’m trying to avoid West Nile.




Another focus I had this time was getting to know my new lens. I recently ordered a 55-200mm f/4-5.6G VR DX AF-S ED Nikkor lens. One day I’ll try a prime lens, but for now, the zoom lens gives me the varying ranges of Super-Man-like vision I feel like I need. I can now creep on my dog from far away, and avoid the inevitable wet dog nose on my lens. I’m am very excited to continue to work on macro shots.





Good news! As I have fully invested in my new hobby, I have a tripod on the way (I am a slave to the mail system). Thankfully this will eliminate the need to stand like a statue while holding my breath. That way, next time, when the man approaches me asking, “are you taking pictures of the lake,” I can articulately respond, as opposed to screaming and almost falling face first into the water. I may have been concentrating very hard or he could have been a ninja. Either was plausible.

DSC_0316_Fotor DSC_0336_Fotor