Fort Desoto

My friends’s and I enjoyed a relaxing day on Fort Desoto beach. 

enter1 copy

It is another beach in Florida that strays away from the typical “post card” scene you normally see. 

animallife copy

I love all the details that help this beach stand out from the vacant nothingness of the more touristy spots. 

stumpbeach copy

It seems weird, to me, to have trees and stumps on a beach. 

treelifeguard copy

lifeguard copy

No life guard on duty. 

selfreflection copy

I really didn’t run into any photography challenges (that I realize, yet.) Luckily, there was plenty of bright light.  

birdlogs copy

However, I did finally get a monthly subscription to Photoshop and Lightroom. 

shell copy

So, these photos are my first attempt at editing. I knew the learning curve was step, but, whoa. I’m going to be purchasing a guide soon. Some people have suggested books by Scott Kelby. These look pretty promising. The next step in my adventure. 🙂

seaoats copy

Till then my eye is completely untrained. So, I apologize if it’s obscenely obvious how edited these are. I have heard differing opinions on Photoshop. So, maybe it is just personal preference? 

cropbird2 copy

I was pretty fond of this guy.

stickarm copy

This stick was very interesting. Beautiful, even.

I used the stick as a subject for a while. I received many weird looks. 

stickbike copy

This guy, again. 

ruffledbird copy

loglife copy

sunbeach copy

With school starting again, it is hard to get out and shoot like I want to. This trip was definitely well worth the drive. 


The Waiting Game

Gracie lolipopPuffy PinkOld boat times

Today is the day my camera finally arrives. That means that I have checked the UPS tracking site at least fourteen billion times. Unfortunately, my impatient eyes were met with the same, “in transit” message each time. So, in attempts to distract myself from the refresh button I wanted to share a few miscellaneous photos I have taken in the past few weeks. A lot of these were taken around my boyfriend’s apartment complex. It’s in the northern part of St. Petersburg, which isn’t as built up as the rest of the city. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities for less urban scenes. Another plus is the ability to actually see stars. It’s a nice change of pace from the light polluted downtown area. Astrophotography is still in my distant future, though. One day.